Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Book Binge Week

You like free books?  I like free books.  Today, I’m pleased to bring you 10 permanently free science fiction and fantasy reads. Don’t forget to leave the author a review on his/her download page!

This is the epic tale of Kirin of House Dar’Shiel, the elfish daughter of an exiled priestess who must travel to the elfish high city to serve the goddess Alorana. Upon her journey she must learn what it is to be a Namari. This goddess-given gift of foresight makes her an invaluable commodity in a war between two elfin goddesses, one of whom will have her death, or her service. Her path crosses that of an injured harpy, a creature thought to exist only in myth, who is upon a quest save her tribe from extinction. Together, they must find a way to thwart a dark goddess and save their homeland from destruction.
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Lucy van Dusen has a problem… and it’s not Georgi and Elsie, her beloved over-zealous lesbian friends who are preparing for Pride Week celebrations. It’s the summer equinox, a time when the moon is irresistibly powerful, even two nights before the full moon. Tonight might be a night of unspeakable terror. To prevent the horror, Lucy confines herself to her flat, but will standard locks and bolts keep the world safe from the werebian deep inside her, lusting for release?

The Clements Academy was established, somewhere around the year 2045, to train the best and brightest orphans from around the world into the perfect agents. Weapons training, martial arts training, and small unit tactics are just a taste of the curriculum for Clements students. Mark Eblin is one graduate who's never been amazing...and now he's been had.

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They say the time will come for the darkened sky to violate our Earth with her tears of blood. The legend foretells of a blood-thirsty race being born from these tears; Mother Nature’s punishment for our evil deeds. They say that day will come when mankind’s thirst for the blood of his own consumes him. They say that day is near.

With so many humans focussed on snakes on July 16 each year, World Snake Day, the snake god Calebius gains more power. Power that builds over the years until one day, 16 July 2013, he’s finally powerful enough to free himself of the curse that, millennia ago, rendered him incapable of achieving physical form. Now, he seeks revenge on those who trapped him, but they are long dead, so their descendents will have to do… Only one person can quell his thirst for blood, but can Lily learn to trust her heart in time to save the human race?

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How many were there? Enough. Over the centuries they had evolved to satisfy their needs with a more passive source of the nutrients they required; after all, blood was blood. But not for all. Some could not resist the ancient urge to satisfy their blood lust with the warm, flowing liquid of a living being. In those instances, errant members of the Network were tracked by the death squad known as the Shield, from whom there was no escape. Jordan lived within the guidelines of the Network, as did most of his kind, in present day Baltimore. But his friend, Cam, could not resist the stirrings that drove him to unspeakable acts and attracted the attention of the Shield. When he turned up on Jordan's doorstep asking for help--would he get it? Would Jordan, warned that he himself was under surveillance by the enforcement arm of the Network, dare violate the rules by which his kind had managed to secretly co-exist with the Others? Or would he abandon his friend to his fate? He didn't know, and time was running out. 

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 ...Love and other man-made disasters... A woman looking for a new life gets trapped in a commuter tube, and manages to find love and herself in the aftermath of the disaster.
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Alien hunters invade a dying Earth in search of a saviour, and an ancient prophecy predicts a golden child who will save a galactic empire. A mysterious black ship is Rayne’s guide and a masked outlaw known as the Shrike her guardian. Others want to slay her and prevent the prophecy from coming true. In the midst of two great empires’ strife, the Shrike holds the power to save or destroy her.
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When Tammy Miller is forced to live in Ashville Manor, she quickly learns that nothing is quite as it seems.
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A mysterious Immortal is jumping through time. He's harvesting heads and causing incalculable damage to the web of time. Trapped on their homeworld the Time Lords are powerless to intervene. In desperation, they disregard the first law of time and allow seven of The Doctor's incarnations to join forces to combat the threat and save all causality. If he can find a way. Doctor Who/Highlander Xover.

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