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Meet Poet T.L. Washington

So, let’s start with an introduction.

My name is T. L. Washington, and that is me below.  I’m 43, married to the smartest woman I know, (Lori Jo), and live in beautiful Boise, Idaho. I am not much to look at, but boy do I make up for it with humor and depth. I consider myself a poet, a writer, a student of philosophy, and dare I say it, a student of life. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the gist of things.

I’ve been writing for most of my life, but didn’t start taking writing seriously until last year. I am originally from a small town called Drew, Mississippi, with a population of about 2,000 residents. Six years in the US Army gave me experiences to which I could postulate on people from all walks of life. My years with the philosophy department in college gave me the ability to frame my questions and develop context for that understanding. The rest, well, like many of you, I’m figuring it out through trial and error.

This is my webpage address. Here you can find out little things I care to share.

This is my Facebook page. Here you can see what I’m up to in real-time. Yay, more sharing.

Below are the books I’ve written so far. They are aptly named, for they are my initial attempts to fly. Talk about bumpy starts and rough landings. But I wanted to start with poetry to get my feet wet, and now, I’m stretching out my wings to soar the heavens. The next step for me is the release of several original short stories, and then, a series of full length novels. I’ve included the book cover(s), a synopsis, and excerpts from each book.

I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I did writing them.

(L)ive (O)nly (V)ibrant (E)xistence,
T. L. Washington  

The Little Book of Big Poetry (The Sacred and the Sinful) Book 1

This is the first book in the series. I was so nervous when this came out. It is where I learned what not to do. But still, it is a great treat. There are lots of little gems in there, and some of them will keep you going back to gain a deeper understanding. They say you never forget your first…well, this was my first.

Sample Poems:

Poem #1 – When These Tired Bones Give Up the Fight (And I Close My Eyes)
Outside my window the sun goes to bed
As its colors fill the skyline with regret
I press rewind on the conversations of the day
Shockingly provocative, in a perfectly perverse way

The night creeps in with the mystery of not knowing
Prompting routine bedtime rituals, of all individuals
I am thankful for the challenges, that haven’t yet paralyzed me

A list of names for thoughtful blessings
Of family and friends, to whom love brings
As dream welcome my surrender to its charm
The night recaptures what the day took from its arms

Poem #6 – My Conversation with the Prostitute Paula Marie (The Years Have Worn Down Her Spirit) 
Men have bad intentions
Saints and sinners both
I listened as she spoke

Never done right by me
They’re no good you see
Plenty of hurt along the way
Damn them all, she says

Ever since childhood
Thugs to my womanhood
Hope and faith die slowly
Nothing but tears to keep you company
Being alone is lonely
Men rent, but don’t own me

Women pay good attention
Give til they run empty
Sacrifice for promises
Hell of thing honesty
Trust is untrustworthy

We all say something different
The same, but different
Lies to cover up betrayal
Truth to mask denial
I had no words to comfort
As she got off the bus
Somewhere near Latah Street

The Little Book of Big Poetry (The Sacred and the Sinful) Book 2

This was the follow up to the first book. I tried to expand my field of inquiry with this book. It felt a little more comfortable the second time, but I was still chipping away at the rough edges. The texture of this book became richer with content. I am proud of this book.

Sample Poems:

Poem #5 Useful Animals (Pedigree is everything)
Look at us
Such useful animals
Oh how we dance around
Such proud cannibals

We prey and we pray
We slay and we stay
How wonderfully deranged we all are
We pay the keeper, who plays the grim reaper
Isn’t that a little bizarre

Look at us
Such foolish mammals
Were bloated pedigree
Locked into one channel

Oh how amusing it must seem
To the one who goes unseen
We darling little animals
Getting jiggy to sadistic anthems

Poem #17 The Lonely Exodus of Prayers
Breach the night sky
Scale two fences thereby
Occupy and defend your position
Brutalize your self-apprehension

Do it with flare if you dare
Inform me when you’re there
Destined to survive perdition
Go on then – make your confession

The Little Book of Big Poetry (The Sacred and the Sinful) Book 3

This was the third book in the series. It was a delight to write, and equally delightful to hear from people who read the other two books. I started to find my stride with this one. I believe it shows growth in content and character. By golly it worked out well.

Sample Poems:

Poem # 3 Vetted (A 2.0 Adaptation)
Here it comes, the glorious feat
where upon the angels weep
where beneath the demons sleep
once more for property rights

Here it rests the forgotten miracles
alas, the finish to blistering serials
lament and sign accepted rituals
enough already, count me in

Here it dies the lasting whispers
bastard heirs and tainted vigils
of trinkets that excite all the senses
let go...let go...let go
rest my friend

Poem # 4 Adequate Portions Relative to State
What will become of me
when my words fail to capture the moment
when guilt over decadence finds a new lover
as my memories become nothing more than a cover

how about my children
who’ve yet to reach full potential
my loves that carry on the vigil
my angels who need no further council

Am I a relic of my last attempts
Should I hide away with regret
Seek shelter from the storm
Lay down in this bed of thorns

What will become of me
when the trivial skews my noble accomplishments
will I suffer the joke of brutal and cruel observance
when the night sheds its counterpart
as if life itself was the master's art

What will become of you
when there's no me to complete the part of two
will you find comfort in what was an attractive
tell me, did I at least provide you with a dramatic

As such - the battle rages on with zeal
and the animal in me consumes his last meal
for even giants relish In the prior glorious feats
until death emerges yet again to claim its mortal meat

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