Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Solace in the Dark: Poems by Scott Burkett

A Father’s Legacy 

Restlessness ruling the mind
Brings darkness to the soul.
Many transgressions resurface
Burning, like embers of coal.

The sins of the father passed forward
Plaguing the life of his son
Misery’s a constant companion
Peace is a battle he will never have won.

Looking to mythical deities
The son seeks answers from above.
Peace is rare and fleeting
His soul becomes void of love.

The passage of time continues
Bringing naught but worry and woe.
His search is filled with disappointment
And his soul becomes a dark hole.

Happiness scarce and life filled with burden
His journey becomes an ugly, detestable task.
Still onward he trudges, facing the days
Hiding his pain with a see through mask.

As he soldiers onward from one day to next
His thoughts become muddled and dark.
He thinks of the end ahead
As he hopes death hits its mark.

Failure has followed throughout his life
Hope is a memory leaving fast.
He realizes he must endure to the end
For the legacy has been passed.

Passing By

Two old men on a bench sat waiting
For what they did not know.
Life moved quickly past them
Running to and fro.

Their faces weathered by the sun
Wrinkled to the core.
Their days spent pondering life
On a bench by the store.

Wives and families gone before them
Each left with naught but time.
Lifelong friends they were
Bonded by blood, sweat, and grime.

They each took turns speaking
Observations kept in trust.
Ignored by life speeding past them
Wisdom of ages blown away with the dust.

As the days rushed quickly past them
They knew the time drew near
When one left the other
To face the world with fear.

The heat passed to chilled
The seasons quickly gone.
The two old men sat waiting
Patiently looking, talking, waiting for his own.

Day by day they waited
With wisdom to impart.
But none stopped to ask
Or take their words to heart.

The time drew finally near
The end it came upon them swift.
Each took his wisdom with him
The world losing age’s gift.

About Scott Burkett
Scott Burkett was born and raised in Alabama, the son of a Methodist minister. With three brothers, one younger and two older, his childhood was often spent roaming nearby fields, fishing, hunting and doing farm work for his parents landlord. The family moved often during his childhood and teenage years due to his father being relocated from one church to another. Quite often the family lived very close to or below the poverty level making for many hard times. After graduating high school, he joined the military and served as a medic, assigned to an infantry company with the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, Ky. For many years, Scott worked as an over the road driver for several trucking companies located in the southeastern United States. He has three children, Heather, Brittany and Brian, and one grandson.

In 2006, Scott completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Jacksonville State University and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV where he works as an emergency room RN.

Connect with Scott: 
Twitter: @ScottBurkett5

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