Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Sale & Other Tidbits

Happy fall to everyone!  Of course, it's my favorite time of year-- brisk weather, warm sweaters, and horror, horror, horror.  I'm already quaffing daily cups of hot chocolate and counting the days until trick-or-treaters and Day of the Dead altars.

And that's the way the skeletons have their picnic . . . Wait.  That's not how it goes.

Anyway, to celebrate, we've marked down Books II and III of The Order of the Four Sons series until All Soul's Day.  (That's Nov. 2, to all you heathens.)

Book I, of course, is already permanently free on several outlets.

Buy O4S books on Amazon HERE.

Buy O4S books on Smashwords HERE.

So grab your copies and get ready to battle hordes of evil undead and all sorts of nasties running loose in the O4S verse!

Also, I wanted to share with you, we've had several kind reviews over the past few weeks on the O4S series:

"A fun, action-filled read. I love stories that interweave history with paranormal and the unexpected. . . The authors are good at crisp dialogue, energetic action sequences, and the building drive toward a cliffhanger of an ending that makes you want to read the next in the series." -Goodreads reader

"With characters like old friends and realistic villains, this makes for a wonderful read.  The authors' attention to detail in this medieval-style setting is top-notch.  There is great action and mystery thrown in as well." -Amazon reader

"Excellent storytelling. All three volumes are great!  Definitely recommend these to anyone who likes sci-fi or magic and supernatural stories.  Hurry up with volume 4, please please!" -B&N reader

We're working on it, dear reader, I promise!  In the meantime, please enjoy some other horror-ific stories, like Our Miss Engel, La Tutayegua, and Zombies, Anonymous.

Sweet dreams!

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