Friday, January 30, 2015

Order of the Four Sons series also signed with Kensington Gore

Earlier this month, I announced I'd signed a deal with Kensington Gore Publishing to do a horror trilogy based on my short story, "Our Miss Engel."  I'm pleased to announce that Kensington Gore has also picked up The Order of the Four Sons series, which I co-author with Coyote Kishpaugh.

The Order of the Four Sons series is a sprawling, fast-paced, scifi/fantasy adventure that encompasses multiple worlds and an ensemble cast of characters.  Two ancient organizations, the Order of the Four Sons of Horus and Starry Wisdom, have been battling for centuries for possession of a powerful artifact known as the Staff of Solomon.  Whoever has possession of the staff can rip open the very fabric of existence.

Coyote and I self-published Book I, The Order of the Four Sonsin 2009.  Book II, Carcosa, was released in 2011.  Book III, Where Flap the Tatters of the King, was released in 2013.

Book IV, Going Forth By Day, is still in progress.  We're hoping to have the first draft finished later this year.

Now that we've signed with a publisher, Books I-III are going to be unavailable while they undergo some revisions and get new cover designs.  Books I and II will tentatively be released later this year.

Book III, because of its extreme length, will be released in two volumes in 2016-- which means we have to come up with an additional title.

Book IV's release will be pushed back to 2017.  It will probably also have to be divided up into two volumes.  So instead of the four books we'd planned, there will be at least six.

I'll leave up the excerpts and any other O4S-related posts I've made on this blog so you can whet your whistles in the meantime.

Once again, Coyote and I would like to thank family, friends and readers for staying with us on this long journey.  We hope you'll hang in there just a bit longer.  We're very hopeful that now we've signed on with Kensington Gore our work will reach a wider audience.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Coyote and I have a pomegranate juice toast we need to go make.  Cheers, everybody!

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