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Get your time-travel groove on: The Summer of Love by Louise Hathaway

This hilarious time-travel fantasy is about two sisters who are magically transported back to the 1968 Newport Pop Festival in Costa Mesa, California--an outdoor concert later described as “Orange County’s Woodstock.” Both sisters had attended the festival when they were teenagers. In this book, Amy morphs into her thirteen-year-old self, wearing a mini-skirt and go-go boots; and her sister, Denise, turns into her pregnant eighteen-year-old self, wearing a homemade maternity blouse with peace symbols bordering the hem. Once again, they hear bands such as The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, and The Jefferson Airplane. They hitch-hike back to their childhood home, see and talk to relatives who died years ago, and even run into younger versions of their husbands. In spite of all the fun they’re having, they’re plagued with the question, “How are we going to get back to 2014?”

Do you believe in time travel?  Two sisters didn’t until they went to the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California one hot, summer afternoon and found themselves transported back 46 years to the 1968 Newport Pop Festival, a hippie extravaganza that was later hailed as “Orange County’s Version of Woodstock.”  Billed as two days of counter-culture rock, the bands that played included The Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, Steppenwolf, The Grateful Dead, and many more.  The sisters had gone to this concert when they were teenagers: Amy had been 13 and Denise was 18.  Amy still has the flyer of the concert and was showing it to her sister and their husbands before they all left for the fairgrounds.  Amy tells Denise, “Can you believe I saw this selling on eBay for $500.00?”

Amy is a retired librarian and Denise is a professional musician.  They are both married: Amy married her husband Sandy 40 years ago and Denise married her husband Paul 22 years ago.  Both of their husbands are musicians and former hippies--just like they were.  Right now, their husbands are waiting for them at the wine tasting bar while Amy and Denise continue looking at quilts in the Arts and Crafts building.  Denise looks at her watch and says, “We better go meet up with the guys before they wonder what happened to us.”

They leave the building and head in the direction of the wine bar.  Amy sees an old-fashioned photo booth where you can put coins in a slot and instantly have a roll of four selfies.  “Let’s get our pictures taken real quick,” Amy says.  “I haven’t done this in years.”

Amy pulls back the curtain and they enter the booth.  Denise puts some quarters into the coin machine.  “Quick, Denise.  Make a goofy face,” Amy says as she puts two fingers, formed in a vee, over her sister’s head. The flash as the first picture is taken startles them.  Denise puts her arm around her sister for the second pose.  They touch their heads together for the third pose.  After the last flash, the entire booth starts shaking.  They are practically knocked off the seat.  “Was that an earthquake?” Amy asks her older sister.

“I think it was.  We’d better go find Sandy and Paul,” Denise says.  They walk outside and everything seems different.  There is a loud band playing and it smells like people are smoking pot.  “What’s going on?” Denise says, and looks over at her sister.  She notices that Amy is wearing different clothes.  “How come you’re dressed like that?  When did you change your clothes?”

“What are you talking about?” Amy asks, as she looks down at her outfit and is stunned to see that she’s wearing the blue silk bell bottom pants and a stiff ruffled blouse with blue flowers that she had made in her 8th grade Home-Ec class.  “Why am I wearing these clothes?” she asks her sister and then says, “Look at you!!”  Denise is wearing maternity shorts and a homemade blue blouse with peace symbols made in red rick-rack bordering its hem.  “Oh my God!” Amy says, pointing to her sister’s stomach.  “Are you pregnant?”

Denise lifts up her blouse and sees her tummy.  “Oh my God!  I am pregnant!  What’s going on?”

“I’m scared,” her little sister says.  “Let’s go find the guys.”  As they are walking towards the wine tasting area, they see people walking by who are covered in mud.  They look in the direction from where the people came and see a bunch of teenagers wallowing in mud puddles like pigs.  

“How bizarre,” Amy says.

Just then, they notice that a band sounding very much like The Byrds is playing, “Turn, Turn, Turn.”  Denise reaches over and takes her sister’s hand, protectively.

Amy says, “I don’t understand what’s happening?”

Her older sister tells her, “Believe it or not, I think we’ve traveled back to the sixties!”

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About the Authors

Louise Hathaway is the pen name of a husband and wife writing team who live in Southern California.  They have been writing books together since 2011.  She is a retired library assistant who has a master’s degree in English and he works for the District Attorney’s office.


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