Monday, October 5, 2015

Various and sundry things-- and a book giveaway!

First, the freebie.
It's October-- my favorite time of year. Some of you may know from previous years I try to do something special for the upcoming Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations.

Well, this year, I'm going on vacation. But rest assured, my friends, I will be thinking of you and maybe I'll even brew up a great scary story while I'm away. (I do plan on visiting the allegedly very haunted Rose Hall in Montego Bay.) 

In the meantime, Coyote and I both are happy to announce a giveaway. We're offering a free, autographed-by-both-of-us copy of The Order of the Four Sons, Book I for some lucky winner. The raffle starts today and will end on Nov. 2.

Read an excerpt here.

To enter, scroll to the bottom of this post. You'll be asked to Tweet or Facebook me.

Now, for the Various and Sundry.
Book I was originally self-published and was re-released through Kensington Gore Publishing on Sept. 25. Coyote and I have been doing (and will continue doing) a lot of promotions for the book.

Here are some of the recent things we've done:

Guest Posts
The Monster Mash - a guest article I wrote for Steven Ramirez's site.
Home Sweet Universe - a guest article I wrote for Mike Eidson's site, The Troll Mystic. Coyote has written an article on RPG and storytelling for that site as well-- coming soon.  

In the Chair with Jan Ruth
Pharos Blogject

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the bloggers who were kind enough to feature excerpts, cover art, and other promotional pieces regarding the book release. Check them out for lots of good reads:

Marie Godley Books  

Also check out our brand-spankin' new Kensington Gore author pages:

One more thing.
Carcosa, (Book II of the O4S series) is tentatively scheduled to re-release in December, so get those Christmas stockings ready for more guns, more monsters and more magic!

Okay, two more things.
Before you go, don't forget to sign up to win that free, autographed copy of Book I!

Good luck and likkle more, everybody. I'm off to Jamaica!

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