Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Celebrating Indie Author Success: Linda Appleman Shapiro

I'm always pleased to hear of a fellow indie/small press author's success, and I'm even more pleased to share that one of my previous guest author's has achieved some recognition for her work. 

Two years ago, Linda Appleman Shapiro wrote this guest post to promote her memoir, She's Not Herself, published by Dream of Things. It has since received a great deal of attention from professional book reviewers and the reading public.

Check out what some of the critics are saying about She's Not Herself: 

“An honest and compelling story by a brave and gifted writer.” 

-Wally Lamb, NY Times best-selling author of She’s Come Undone, I Know This Much Is True and many other novels. Winner of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill’s Kenneth Johnson Award for the anti-stigmatization of mental illness. 

“A story that applies to us all – truthful, carefully crafted, and created with a clear-eyed affection.” 

-David Watts, M.D., poet, writer, musician, NPR commentator  

“We identify with the author’s sense of alienation from the first chapter and agonize with her longing for a normal life. SHE’S NOT HERSELF is a revelatory account of someone who grew up with a mentally ill parent and grew up to become an effective, loving mother and a successful professional healer.” 

-Barbara Bamburger ScottUS Review of Books 

“I loved going through the journey of Linda’s life with her throughout the memoir not just because of how easy it was to follow along, but how vivid her memories were. She has such a way with words and storytelling. She hooked me from the very first sentence and let me go reluctantly at the end.” 

-S. DavisWe Said It: Literary Reviews, McWood Publishing  

“...a well-crafted and fluid narrative. Good description and dialogue, and enough detail to suffice, but not overburden... maintains reader interest throughout. Will certainly resonate with those affected by a family member’s mental illness. However, it also speaks to a wider readership because, at the heart of the story resides the resilience of the human spirit.” 

-Diana Irvine, San Fransisco Book Review  

“A riveting tale wrapped in elegant prose... full of hope and perseverance.” 

-Peggy Sanders, retired journalist, award-winning author

Congratulations, Linda, and best wishes for continued success!

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  1. Thanks so much, Lauren. You're both generous and kind in helping to promote authors.

    With much appreciation, Linda Appleman Shapiro