Wednesday, November 29, 2023

November News

To all who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I don't have a lot of news to share for November. 

I was one of the featured readers on SpoFest on November 14, along with Hayley Mitchell Haugen and Madeline Artenburg. If you are unable to attend, the event was recorded. Many thanks to hosts James Bryant and Rick Christiansen. 

I haven't done a lot of writing this past year-- only a handful of poems, really, and I only have one or two publications tentatively lined up. I still have a lot of health issues I'm contending with. But I am currently reading submissions for Gleam, and in the next few weeks, I will be reading for the Jack Grapes Poetry Prize. So, in my own small way, I am still contributing to the literary community.

Thank you, as always, to my supportive readers. Prayers, good vibes, healing thoughts, positivity-- whatever you've got, please send 'em my way. As we head into December, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season ahead of you.