Saturday, January 28, 2023

January News

Happy New Year, all! My 2023 is off to something of a frantic start-- in addition to SIX publications this month, my husband and I are closing on a house, I'm working with two publishers on forthcoming poetry collections, and I'm working with my supervisor at the University of Kansas to publish a collection of poems to thank nurses for their work during the pandemic! So if I collapse sometime between now and March, you'll know why. Still, I am filled with hope and optimism for the coming year. I hope you are too.


I missed a publication from 2022 - Stone Poetry Quarterly’s November issue included three of my poems, “Endlings,” “Faded Ink,” and “Night Shades.” Many thanks to editor D. Ward Hey.


Illumen Magazine, edited by Tyree Campbell, published two of my speculative poems, “Backwards and in Glass Heels,” and “Haunted Algorithm” (the latter received an Honorable Mention in the 2022 SFFP Speculative Poetry Awards, long form.) The Winter 2023 issue is available in print or e-copy from Hiraeth Publishing.

The Writers Place of Kansas City released Voices from the Writers Place, Volume 2, an audiobook of local poets. It’s available for purchase on Bandcamp. My poem, “Alligator Tooth,” is included. Many thanks to James Benger.

Lothlorien Poetry Journal, one of my favorite literary spaces, published five of my poems, “Medusa Browses the Beauty Aisle,” “The Ghost Forest,” “Curse of the Spider Woman,” “Snakes and Boxes,” and “Root.” Many thanks to editor Strider Marcus Jones for giving my work a home again.

The Dope Fiend Daily published “Earth and Sky.” I am eternally grateful to editor Scott Simmons for giving my words a home on the regular.

The Rye Whiskey Review published "Birdsong." Thank you, as always, to editor John Patrick Robbins.

Written Tales published my poem, “Home for Christmas.” It’s a subscription magazine, but they offer a free 7-day trial to view content. Many thanks to Kevin for accepting this piece.

And finally, my prose-poem, “The Two of Coins,” appeared in Decomp Journal’s Issue 6: Refugee Futurities. It includes an audio version of the piece. This poem will also appear in Midnight Glossolalia, the poetry collaboration I did with Scott Ferry and Lillian Necakov, forthcoming from Meat for Tea Press.


Scott Ferry, Lillian Necakov and I will be on Meat for Teacast this coming Thursday, Feb. 2, at 7 pm. The Meat for Tea Podcast is on Goodpods, Apple and Spotify. Many thanks to Elizabeth MacDuffie for not only publishing us, but for inviting us to talk about our work. If you can’t tune in live, it will be available to listen later.

Forthcoming Publications
Midnight Glossolalia, the poetry collaboration by Scott Ferry, Lillian Necakov and myself, will be released by Meat for Tea Press in March. 

Synopsis: In Midnight Glossolalia, three poets braid their voices into a kingdom of dark matter, speaking in tongues on subjects both modern and mystical. These 63 poems are an alchemical brew composed of gods, ghosts, UFOs, alternate dimensions, ancestors, science, technology, math, music, nature, and Fruit Loops. They are the chemtrails of lost songs, a muffled heart piano swelling with the mystery of existence.

My latest solo poetry collection, Moonlight and Monsters, will be released by Gnashing Teeth Press in June. 

Synopsis: The poems are divided into three sections, Moonlight, Monsters, and General Weirdness. They are poems that find a home in the fantastical, in the celestial, in magic and mysticism, in indigenous beliefs, in mythology, and in folklore. In examining things that are considered strange, other, or even monstrous, they strive for something relatable and universal. They look for the human stories beneath the sideshow, a way into and back out of the labyrinth.

Don’t forget to check out my other works!
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Fiction: Our Miss Engel* (a vampire novella), The Order of the Four Sons series* (a six-book series)

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