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High Water Lines is a swan song for the American dream, where the notion persists that anyone can still pull themselves up by the bootstraps to escape poverty. This is a collection of poems for the working poor, especially those that dwell in the places deemed “flyover country.” These poems are for anyone who has ever had to pick up and move to chase a job or escape eviction, for anyone who has ever had to punch a time clock or bust their hump for a measly tip, for anyone seeking a better life in another country, for anyone who is one emergency away from homelessness.

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This is the universe we inhabit: a universe that has produced both David Bowie and James Baldwin, Klingons, Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes, E.T., and Garbage Pail Kids. We coexist alongside goddesses, meteors, parolees, anorexics, acid attack victims, refugees, circuses, reservation casinos, fantastic beasts, and a dwindling water supply. In REQUIEM FOR A ROBOT DOG, Lauren Scharhag considers the existence of angels and aliens equally plausible. She explores the dawn of the third millennium with all its darkness and light, bringing both the mythical and the mundane under her lens. Technology is both our bane and our solace, the conduit for human connection and facilitator of further alienation. Sure, there’s poverty, disease, and the bees are all dying, but there is also love, loyalty, and compassion, even if it comes in the form of a robotic canine. So come trip the rift. Find God. Find hope. And say a prayer for the dearly departed. Published by Cajun Mutt Press.

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In these poems written from 2005-2013, I explore themes of womanhood, family and my Mexican-German heritage. 

"These lyrical poems have a strong sense of story-telling to them and are rich with empathy, character, and insight." -Voice of Eve Magazine

"...this exciting piece of work could perhaps be more aptly described as an assembly of mini-epics rather than a compilation of poems. Readers will find that each piece is a complete story, and that each of these stories is filled with its fair share of horrifically beautiful descriptions… Scharhag's poetry is as mesmerizing as a fly fisherman's sweeping line. The readers do not realize they've been submerged in verse until they surface from the pages, gasping for air." -Laura DiNovis, Vocal

“I just finished reading 'West Side Girl' and was glad I picked it up. Lauren Scharhag, takes one into a world not of just beauty but reality, and fantasy. Speaking of the dead, the hearth, and her own frailties. Her way with words and presentation, especially with the immersion in her Mexican culture, she is nothing short of a modern Frida Kahlo for poetry. If you wish to read book of poetry that will rip your soul out and then lets you gaze in awe at the myriad of colors and spices that it holds this would be that book.” –Smashwords reader

"Stark, beautiful, and not for the cowardly, [these poems] leave fingerprints upon the heart.  Be brave.  You'll be glad you did." -Goodreads reader

"Beautiful, expansive, eye-opening." -Smashwords reader

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