I'm a German-Mexican half-breed from Kansas City, MO, and an alleged perpetrator of drive-by poetry. I'm an ambivert, an intellectual daredevil, a migraineur, a Tarot card reader, a walking sweet tooth, an incurable night owl, and an ardent hallucinator. Besides writing, my skill list is short: collecting scars and odd maladies, binge-watching entire TV series in a single weekend, curating a mean Pinterest board, juggling, and an endless capacity for retaining pop cultural ephemera. It took me thirteen years to earn my bachelor's degree. It may take me another thirteen to recover. Until then, I closely follow the lives of my imaginary friends and can be found either hanging out in prisons or embarking on art pilgrimages. 

I have been the featured poet in Loud Zoo Magazine, Two Lungs Publication's International Women's Day Edition, and at the Uptown Arts Bar Blue Monday event (sponsored by the Kansas City Writers Place). My work has been The Broke Bohemian's editor's choice and included in the Best Of editions of Referential Magazine, Isacoustic and Schlock! Magazine. I am the recipient of the Door is a Jar Poetry Award, the Gerard Manley Hopkins Award, and a fellowship from Rockhurst University for fiction. 

My current projects include: 
  • The Order of the Four Sons, Books VI
  • Poems and shorts

Contact me: