Short Writings


Our Miss Engel
In 1909, a young schoolteacher gets a job at a Catholic girls' boarding school, only to find that her students are not what they seem. Available on Amazon, Smashwords and B&N

Zombies Anonymous
A horror tale about the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Many of the zombies have been cured . . . except for their craving for flesh. It was included in both a magazine and a horror anthology. The latter is available for free download here

La Tutayegua
The tale of a young Latino boy who meets a mysterious creature under a bridge, originally published in The SNReview. Available for free download on Smashwords

The Seven Wives of Richard Copeland
A story based on Lovecraft's "Pickman's Model." A black market arts dealer named Eva is hired to hunt down some of Pickman's work for a collector. Published in Schlock! Magazine (UK)

Last Suppers
A tale about a sin-eater living in the 1980s Midwest. 


Call Your Mother
An old woman leaves a message on her daughter's answering machine; a flash fiction piece. 

Phone Numbers and Addresses
A wrong number leads to an unexpected connection. 

The Little Holly Market
A desperate single mother on welfare is faced with an agonizing decision, published in Ariel Chart

Tomato Paste
A woman takes her elderly mother grocery shopping; flash fiction. 

Astronomical Events
The story of a retired couple whose stale marriage is revived by the discovery of an old telescope, published in Ariel Chart

Mouse House
Pet-sitting leads a couple to expand their family.  

Newton's Needle
Sir Isaac Newton reflects on his experiments with light; flash fiction.


Hanging Blood
A memoir piece I wrote about my husband being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that sent him into renal failure.

A micro essay/musing on the connection between horror and Latinx culture.

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