Sunday, October 19, 2014

This is what 14 years of marriage gets you.

My husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this month.  I don't mind telling you we're in a very good place right now.

Recently, we were watching this Louis C.K. stand-up, in which he talks about jerking off to twenty-two-year-olds:

Me: I don't thnk I was jerkoff material, even when I was in my twenties.
Patrick: (without missing a beat-- er, so to speak.)  Yes, you were.
Me:  Really?
Patrick: Still are.

Happy 14th, honey.

For everybody else out there-- if you're looking for love right now, I hope you find it.

If you're lucky enough to already be in love, I hope you find your significant other jerkoff-worthy, now and forever.

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